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"the bowie/cher clip is fabulous!
site looks great and it's very engaging
spent half an hour just touring around
i like the Dada story..." Matt C

Take THAT MellerTime!


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Oh, goodie goodie, I just came up with another string of things I can put on my my website. As I bookmarked yet another site of interest I realized I have all these bookmarks (2,734) punctilliously organized using my special bookmark managing software (url manager pro), but I don't really get a chance to share them too often. I hope to change that soon and will start with some photography related sites of interest.

Photography and Photographers I admire

Photography Book Websites
I have a lot of wonderful photography books. But the ones I love the best are the ones that contain great work and are beautifully made. Shockingly it is a difficult business and many house se doing the best work cannot stay in business, take Arena, which produced the award winning Gary Winogrand book 1964 (ICP is selling htem for $149 while they last).

  • Nazraeli Press One of the best, see the Michael Kenna books
  • Twin Palms Produced one of the best books of 2003 Philip-Lorca diCorcia's "A Storybook life".
  • Kowasa Vast photo book library out of Barcelona. Great for browsing.
  • PAWPrint Specializing in hard to find, out of print photography books.
  • Photo-Eye Photo website that often has exclusive signed editions available and even has auctions of fine art photography.
  • 21st Century Photography The creators of the most exquisite and most expensive photo books on the market. I have seen them at shows and they are quite something.
  • Genesis Publications Makers of interesting rock and roll related limited edition books.
  • Aperture Art photography keeper and quarterly producer for many years. They sell books, prints and I have a feeling they are on their last legs.
  • Eyestorm I thought these guys went away. At one point they opened a brick and mortar in SoHo.

Photography Supplies
Ranging from archival supplies to hard to find film and processing, here are some links that have taken me years to aquire.

Your Photo Books and Calendars
Christmas time is cooing and that always means two things to me. Calendars and photo books. And for those two items I have two suggestions. iPhoto and Blurb.

This will be the first year I am using iPhoto to make my annual Jack calendar, I have been using Shutterfly with great results and pricing for the last four years. But there was always one hitch, as personal as the calendar is consisting only of pictures of my son, I always thought it was frustrating that the dates cannot include personalized events, birthdays, field trips, etc. Well, that is why I am extra excited about using iPhoto. Because iPhoto calendar building function with imports iCal calendars and solves this frustration once and for all.

For photo books I have used many sites, Shutterfly, Sharedink and of course Apple's iPhoto. But this year I am equally excited about using Blurb's free book building software BookSmart (Mac and PC). Because there is much more freedom in the design process and the coolest part is that they are the only online personal book publisher that offers dust jackets. Now, THAT is a way cool Christmas gift.

Hank iTunes page gets its first digg comment:
This is so cool, my first submission to digg gets this as the number one comment with a bullet,

"One of the ugliest sites you'll ever see, but it's a pretty good list."

Fantastic, way to go MellerTime!

See the ugliest page on the internet now!

Junk Mail, gMail, Telemarketers, Help?

My neighbor was standing at her mail box last night complaining about the junk mail falling out. As I walked past I reached back into my hard drive trying to remember how I had "opted out" of mass market mailing lists about fifteen years ago. The one thing I remembered was that even though it did not get rid of all my junk mail, I was able to make a dent in it. Cut to 2006 and I thought I would take a look see as to what is available online to rid oneself of this ubiquitous nuisance.

Not surprsingly the basic idea is the same as it was fifteen years ago. You have to get your name removed from all the lists that those mass marketing services use. The biggest drag is that our very own USPS freely gives away our address to these criminals, making it somewhat of losing battle. In the meantime, these are the stps I ofund that appear helpful.

Read through this well researched page on how to stop junk mail

Register with these guys and have your name removed from a lot of mail lists, this is basically the same thing I did about fifteen years ago when I last ventured into this territory. The only difference is that you can now do it online as well as via snail mail. There is a $1 fee, the registration lasts for five years.

And I also filled out this "opt out" form as well. This one is free and they claim to be a large supplier of direct marketing material as well.

The big credit rating dudes are a major source of mass marketing crap. You can opt out of Equifax, Experian, Innovis and TransUnion by filling out this form, but you have to give your ss# in order to do so. If it is any help, I did it

All I know is that I am either going to get less junk mail, or a LOT more.

Do forget to register your phone number on the National Do Not Call List. All I can say since I moved fairly recently, I can guarantee how well this service works. Before I registered I was getting about one call a week. (of course this information has been on hank.com for a LONG time)

Not long after I wrote the above piece about junk mail I had a mini epiphany over spam as well. I finally embraced gMail and in so doing relieved my mailbox of all the spam I was attracting.

how I got rid of spam

I realized that part of my problem is that I felt compelled to check all six of my email accounts every time I checked my mail. This was only made worse by the fact that my most recent interactivehank hosting service (which I love) charges extra for spam filtering, so I was getting at least 100 pieces of spam a day.

Then I got to thinking. This gMail thing is pretty cool, they give you two gigbytes of storage where I can use the freeware app gDisk to upload files two, I can import my Mac Address Book lickity-split using this AddresBooktoCSV mini app someone dished up and best of all I can point all of my existing pop mail servers to gMail and then just check my gMail account. Now, everything goes to gMail, let the wunderkinds at Google do the spam filtering and voila, I have a clean clear inbox with all my email in it. On top of that those dominating moguls at Google of course have a slick, elegant java version of gMail that runs on my cell phone. It is a win-win situation as far as I am concerned.

So that is what I did.

All my accounts now are pop-forwarded to my gMail account. I turned off the "check mail at this mailbox" in my Apple Mail client except for my gMail account.

The only issue is that now I only have a few messages in my email box each day and I kind of miss all the unintentional email I was getting which made me think I was more popular than I really am.

Oh, if you need a gMail account let me know, I appear to have 100 invitations to give away.

And for all those telemarketing phone spammers, remember about the Do Not Call list! This is a nationally recognized list that you have to add your phone number to. The block works and is good for five years until you have to re-list your numbers. You can add as many numbers as you want. This goes for cell phones as well.

Do-Not-Call Registry for Telemarketing Upheld in Court

Published: February 18, 2004 in New York Times

WASHINGTON, Feb. 17 - A federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld the government's right to help people shield themselves from unwanted telemarketing calls.

Do Not Call Regsitry

The Federal Trade Commission began taking complaints today from people who have placed phone numbers on the national do-not-call registry but have continued to receive pitches from telemarketers. Consumers who have signed up for the national do-not-call registry can file a complaint with either the Federal Trade Commission or the Federal Communications Commission. If you have not signed up and would like to head on over to:


To lodge complaints, you can contact either of the two agencies as they will be sharing a database of complaints.

By phone: 1-888-382-1222
By Internet: www.donotcall.gov
Information needed: the telemarketer's name or phone number, the date of the call and the consumer's phone number.

By phone: 1-888-CALL-FCC
By e-mail: donotcall@fcc.gov
Information needed: The same as for the F.T.C., and the consumer's name, address, daytime phone number, phone number involved in the complaint and the date that the consumer signed up for the do-not-call registry.

YES!!, I am back.

I cannot believe how exciting it is to write those words again. I kinda thought Interactivehank was a sad thing of the past, destined to be merely a figment of the imagination on the Internet Wayback Machine.

You think the internet wayback machine doesn't exist? You're wrong.

Oh my goodness graciousness, there is so much to talk about. Jack, Disneyland, the zoo book, Spider-Man 3, the crap I wrote down the last time I did an update, my sister's new novel, and oh so, so much more.

I will try to do an update in the next week or so. Hold your breath and stay in touch, my good friends. Until then....

I made good on my words and now I can officially introduce to you the History of why Starbucks is el Stinko. There are also some addtions to the my favorite things and proof that if the film business goes kaput someone might actually pay me to design something. And pretty soon, the amazing pizza story will arrive.

What is it about $39.00? Everything I buy seems to be 39 bucks for some reason. But it is only stuff for the kitchen: juicer, blender, panini grill and now the battery-powered vacuum coffee container (see link to right). Each and every one for 39 bucks.

I am cooking now. Pizza on Dada (part one of three pizza explosions here at hank) and a new HMP. No, I mean a new, new HMP.

I don't know how many of you have heard any of Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio shows, but it is the best thing I have ever heard on radio outside of the NPR network. Fantastic music selection seconded only by such music collection groups as hippopotty records mixed with fun interesting dialog by the demi-god himself. You can listen to past shows at this website, White Man's Stew.

Pizza Story Two. Jack's Slice

That really completes the Pizza hat trick becasue it was just the two pages here and this amazingly detailed site teaching you how to make pizza along the lines of Di Fara, but at home and in less than two minutes. btw, Jack had FOUR slices of pizza for dinner tonight. Not the frozen kind, a full 18" pie kind.



The only place that seems t have all three, but never in stock at the same time, is Soda Pop Stop

If you are a fan of Jack's, the JackNow page has been updated as well.

On 10.09.06 HankNow pages are updated with hugs not drugs.
10.11.06 New Dada listing!
10.29.06 New iTunes Page!, submitted to Digg, lets see if I can get some business here at Hank

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I got the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 4 for christmas. Actually I didn't get it, Jack did, but he kind of gave it to me since he only wants to watch Looney Tunes cartoons at my house at the moment. So now I own Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, and Vol 4. A total of 246 of the best, most beautiful cartoons ever made. It is such a treat to remember how way far ahead of there time these babies were. While diving into disc one I was struck by the title card, immediately after the FBI warning which reads: "The cartons you are about to see are products of their time. They may depict some of the ethnic and racial prejudices that were commonplace in American society. These depictions were wrong then and are wrong today. While the following does not represent the Warner Bros. view of today's society, these cartoons are being presented as they were originally created, because to do otherwise would be the same as claiming these prejudices never existed." Now if that is not some sort of a wacky back peddling attempt to keep the hate mail at bay, I dunno it just struck me as pretty ludicrous. Have we gone that far down the rabbit hole? Anyway, other than an enthusiastic reference to "BWANA, BWANA", I thought I would share on of my all time favorite Bugs Bunny cartoons that I had completely forgotten about until watching disc one of volume four the other day. It is simple, will make you laugh and cry and by golly even has a cameo from Humphrey Bogart.
(click image above to see movie!)

This is so cool. Google Maps has just added antique maps overlays to there already unbelievable software. You can take a hi-rez peek at US 1833, Lewis and Clark 1814, New York 1836 and much, much more. You must download the latest Google Earth (Beta 4 Mac and PC) and go to the layers palette on the left hand tool bar and then click the down arrow for "featured content"

I find something cheery and wonderful about this clip. NOT available on YouTube! Do yourself a favor and at least watch to the point where David Bowie genuflects to Cher.

Eyeglass Repair Kits

Ever since I started buying $10 reading glasses's at the pharmacy, I have also been investing in those little eyeglass repair kits you see at the counter at Rite-Aid and such. I finally figured, there must be a slightly better version of the eyeglass repair kit and it is time that I owned one. So I did a little comparison internet shopping. The top of my google search for "eyeglass repair kit" had this link to a reasonable looking expanded kit from one of those sites that talks to you at $24. It sounded like a lot, but I did not want to spend all day looking for my new eyeglass repair kit, so I just went over to Amazon for a comparison. The same kit from Amazon was $4.95, and even though it was from a secondary merchant which can often take weeks to arrive, it appeared in my mailbox about two days later. Love the internet.

If you are somehow looking for all the gak that was below this point, like stuff about underwear, do-not-call lists, tee-shirts, Gill Forrester, etc. I moved it to a new page.


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