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Here is the rub, If I had to say it out, about the only thing I would like to do for a living other than make movies is some sort of graphic design. I spend almost all of my spare time learning, then re-learning: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc.

We talk a lot on the set about what we are all gonna do when digital cinema gets to the point where they just don't need a bunch of over paid lugs standing around that need to be fed a caterered meal every six hours.

So, I thought I might as well put some of my work up, if you are interested in my services, get them while they are cheap.

Click on the images for a larger look at the magic.

Tee shirt design for the movie "The Core" electric dept.

Tee shirt design for baby summit

Card for close friends trip to LA

Book cover of digital artwork by Hank

Hippopotty Records Logo

Interactivehank Logo

MyMacGuy.net website

TOBOR the 8th Man tee shirt design

Card I made at my sister's request

My first tee shirt desgn for the CSC. WOA stands for Wave of Anxiety

Hippopotty Records Cover 2005

Hippoptty.com Website


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