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Simply The Best Stuff I have found
More stuff found 11.22.06
Remember, these links will all take you away from interactivehank, where it is safe and cozy. Don't be scared, just use your browesers "back" button to retrun to the sancuary.

Best Socks

Best Sneaker
Best Mac Tech Support
Best Underwear (9.2006 Currently unavailable, lucky for me I bought a bunch while they were on sale)
Best Comparison Shopping
Best Khakis
Best Creme Brulee in LA
Best Way to Buy a New Car (updated 2006)
Best Soap (Because of the way it fits in the hand, there is no "breaking in" time)
Best Can Opener

Best Vanilla Ice Cream (I did a taste off with 7 people. Contact me for the details)

Best Vinegar Potato Chip (I admit I have not tried them all, yet!)
Best Coffee Roaster in Beverly Hills
The Best Shaving Products (updated 2006 )
Best Lip Stuff (tie!)
Best Waterproof Boot (that I don't even own becasue they are seasonal and I missed my chance in 2002)
Best French Fries in LA (still thinking)  
Best Onion Rings in LA
Best Hamburger in LA
Best Martini in Hollywood
Best Drip Coffee Makers
Best Place to buy coffee beans Go
Best Tee Shirt printers that still use Plastisol inks Go
Best Pesto (there is no doubt, fewest ingrediatns is the key) Go
Best Towels (If not THE best, certainly the best deal on Turkish Towels) Go
Best Baby Blanket (When Jack was born we got a LOT of blankets, this one stood the test of time and since then I have given it to newcomers with only steller reviews) Go

I have been planning this for years, as you will see.
It is the best of everything page. Yup, I figured through 41 years of trial and error what of the best things in the world are. Once you find it here, you need not bother wasting your own time looking further.
Just buy a lot of whatever it is in case they stop making it.

(has happened to me too many times to recount.)

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