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Humps, Bumps and Dips


Jack got into road sings in a big way over the last few months. Not surprising, I love road signs as well. Guy thing or not it just seemed to happen. I guess part of it is that his enthusiasm sparks my enthusiasm and so on and so forth. So my love and his love has made for some wondrous drives to and from his school where we navigate the exact same route each day and of course know in advance the exact moment that a certain "School Crossings" or "Bike Lane: Share The Road" sign is about to appear on the horizon.


I did my part by making a little snapbook (you can look at the book here) courtesy of photoshop and shutterfly that has a couple of his favorite signs all taken in proximity to the aforementioned route.

This fixation started to head in one direction, towards speed bumps and even though Jack will point at and discuss most any road sign, what we really do when we get in the car is go out and "look for some bumps" which Jack is incredibly adept at.



Two things happened on the very same day that made me once again realize how incredible it is to be a small person like Jack, and how blessed I am to have him in my life. The first event started after Jack's consistent declaration that we would be encountering "Humps, Bumps and Dips" out in the big world. Now I knew what he meant, but I had a different opinion. There are plenty of "Bumps Ahead 15 MPH" signs around, and I figured he had seen a "DIP" sign, but the "Humps" had me going. I think I have seen some "Speed Humps" signs, but assumed it was regional or other hard to understand department of transpiration language logic thing. So I fought the impulse to correct Jack on the "Humps" issue and along we went on our merry way. On the day in question we had found a slightly different route to "The Big Bookstore" and were all excited because there were new bumps on the horizon. We went down two streets and acknowledged each new sign with our customary:











But when we reached the third block Jack declared, "There's a hump sign!", and I dutifully said, no, that is a bump sign, and Jack said in his most authoratative manner, "No, that is a hump sign, Look Dad!" and just as we passed I looked up and had a complete double take-laurel and hardy moment because there in front of me was a hump sign, after two blocks of bumps signs. I laughed out loud in the car.

The other thing that happened that day goes under the category of: kids abilities to see farther, smell better, taste more accurately or hear a car door shut from a block away are not unique, but merely signs of what it means to be new in this world.
So much so that Jack can see a speed bump sign from about 200 yards in very dense traffic. You think I jest?

We were parked at the corner of Lincoln Bl and Washington Bl at about 4:30 in the afternoon last week. Now, for those for you from out of town, this is one of the busiest intersections on the westside of LA. We were sitting there and after about five seconds Jack goes "I see a bump sign" and I go like "Where, what are you talking about?" He points in the direction of a bunch of cars, a bunch of hideous Lincoln Blvd decay and smog and I could see nothing other than sprawl.

Then I tried applying my Spiderman-like buddhist teachings of looking beyond, ignore the vast amount of color, activity and trash right in front of me and look past the intersection and see if there was anything happening like three blocks away.

I still could not find anything resembling a bumps sign, and of course after another round of "No, there isn't (Dad), Yes there is (Jack) ensued.

Then, like a bolt of lighting I found it. Nestled into a side street behind a plethora or urban sprawl sat a lone speed bump sign. I sighed and nodded my head and said, yes Jack I do see it too.

The below image is the actual intersection. I went back (without Jack in the car) and documented the event. Study the picture as long as you care to then pass your cursor over the image and it will reveal the hidden sign in question.
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