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HMP: Ultra Deep Hubble

HMP stands for Hank's Mystery Page.

This is the place where I select some thing, some event, some idea that I believe has changed my life in a fairly substantial way. Or perhaps I should say -- that I think has the ability to change my way of thinking, being, eating, or doing in a substantial way.

I will keep the current HMP to one item and then refer to an archival page for past HMP winners.

Believe me, they are all worth a visit.

Breaking with tradition I am putting another HMP up on interactivehank in a very short time span.

It is not because I believe the plight of the Aymara and the search for a reversal in our time conceptions is bad, or un-hmp-worthy, it is just that it got me thinking about something, bigger, better and more in line with the kinds of stuff I lay down here on Hank's Mystery Page.

A few months ago I started saving images that I came across of deep space, mostly taken with the Hubble telescope. There are some great websites, most maintained by NASA that have space images available, current and historical.

I started printing these images out on my new A4 wide format Epson R1800 printer and taking them to work. I loved the reactions from people who, like myself, just could not believe the beauty and the awe inspiring thoughts that came forth when you faced images of things that are for the most apart unimaginable.

Hubble Heritage Image Gallery

Great Images of NASA

NASA Image of the Day

There was this one image that was more than unimaginable, it was almost shocking for me to look at. Over the course of a few months I kept hearing and seeing references to this particular image. I came across a little YouTube video about this image and then I was in my new shrinks office and there it was hanging on the wall. I asked him about it and the only thing he told me was that he had to put it on a side wall because if he had it hanging directly across from where he sits it would of been to intense to look at all the time, too expansive, to mind bending.

The image is called the "Huble Ultra Deep Field" taken over the course of 11 days between September 24, 2003 - January 16, 2004. Rather than go into my pea brained version of what this image represents I encourage you to look at the YouTube video and to visit the NASA links below to find out more. If you are not convinced it is worth investigating this image further, I can only say that the science world has agreed that the "Ultra Deep Space Field" is single most important picture ever taken by mankind. Maybe you should just have a peek at it so you can just say that you did.

Screen quality versions of this image

Massive hi-rez versions up to 109 megabytes

It was not long after learning about this photo that I started reading Bill Bryson's book "A Short History of Nearly Everything" which I am thoroughly enjoying and contains, well just about everything as you title states. It is a great read if you are interested in reference to the mind blowing incomprehensible size of the universe it says this:

"Nobody knows how many stars there are in the Milky Way-estimates range from 100 billion or so to perhaps 400 billion-and the Milky Way is just one of the 140 billion of so galaxies, many of them larger than ours. In the 1960's, a professor at Cornell named Frank Drake, excited by such whopping numbers, worked out a famous equation designed to calculate the chances of advanced life in the cosmos based on a series of diminishing probabilities.
Under Drake's equation you divide the number of stars that are likely to have planetary systems: divide that by the number of planetary systems that could theoretically support life; divide that by the number on which life, having theoretically arisen, advances to a state of intelligence; and so on. At each such division, the number shrinks colossally-yet even with the most conservative inputs the number of advanced civilizations just in the Milky Way always works out to be somewhere in the millions"

YouTube Video I was talking about, why leave Hank?  



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