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8.15.03-10.10.03 Work, In & Out Burger, Spank, Jack


Again time goes by faster than I am able to keep up with. I get so flummoxed just sitting here trying to figure out how to retell what has been going on recently in my life. There are reasons why people update their sites every day.Well I guess I will just have to keep it simple:

After reading an article many months ago in the New York Times about the growing community of stereo photography hobbyist's that use vintage equipment I became interesting in this format, but it all sounded a bit burdensome to figure out. Then as luck would have I started working with a camera assistant who was deeply into this very same hobby (think Viewmaster, but like of your kid!) and within two weeks I now have all the necessary parts to build my own stereo images. All I can say is that it is not only fecund with cool old apparatus, but the results freakin' awesome. Next time you come over take a look for yourself.


Another recent first was my first ride on a Segway. there was one on a set I was working on, so I copped a ride. Pretty amazing as well. Just hop on and you go. I say it takes about five minutes to get the hang of it. Don't know what it means, but here are the snaps to prove it.







Other than that, Jack is doing great. More talking, more running, more of everything. You can see for yourself right here.



I recently made some new "friends" that commented about my website not really being very "interactive", so I am throwing out a rebuttal.
Pronunciation: -'rak-tiv
Function: adjective
Date: 1832
1 : mutually or reciprocally active
2 : of, relating to, or being a two-way electronic communication system (as a telephone, cable television, or a computer) that involves a user's orders (as for information or merchandise) or responses (as to a poll)
- in·ter·ac·tive·ly adverb
Have we really become so jaded that we have forgotten the very method with which encounter things? I mean just by turning on your computer you are interacting in the most dramatic sense of the word, a one on one encounter with unknown sources.
Not to harp, just a reminder that as humble as interactivehank may be, it is quite intereactive if a dare say so myself. I have some really cool ideas on a higher level of interaction, but just need to find the time to implement them. Meanwhile you can certainly leave a little of your own interaction in my forums, which have not had one single message placed on them since they re-opened a few months ago.

I guess because it is 911 I decided to sit down and put up some stuff that has been gathering dust in a desktop folder for almost a year. I just don't have time to update like I used to , call me crazy but having a kid can take up a certain amount of ones free time. Meanwhile I got a gang of hoodlums defacing my image at work. (See the above description of my "friends" who complained about the lack of interactivity in my website), well a few days later I find this on the camera truck. Sure, I guess they love me, but it makes it hard to get through ones day when you are called a communist to your face.. How communistic is it to sell my tee shirts here at WWW.HANK? I guess since they are being sold at cost, one could make the argument ..








OK, here is another small fractal of my recent past.

While in Europe many years ago with my lovely wife Pattti I ran across one of these vacuums cleaners in London and posed in my bathrobe embracing it. Do I have a digital copy, no, do I need to get a scanner to make a digital copy, yes. Is this yet another example of me not getting shit done, absolutely.

Since I was in London many years ago I became a huge Wilco fan, saw them in concert in Memphis, Tenn. last year and it was the best concert I have seen in 20 years. You can currently see a very recent concert online along with REM playing in Missoula, MT online via Quicktime. So now I check the Wilco website periodically where they have cool updates and such and low and behold but the above picture of Henry the vacuum cleaner is just sittin' there (without me hugging it of course), Now what else do you want to know?

OK, lastly folks, now and this goes back many years.

I move to LA, I fall in love with "In & Out Burger" and eventually I hear about these insider special orders you can make, but you have to know the lingo. The most famous of which is "Animal Style" I do the research, I choke the first time I try to place a secret order, but now after a few years it is old hat. And of course in checking the link to In-N-Out I discover that they have already gotten on the band wagon. They have all the info of the "secret menu", OK, game over.

But I was in the other day and I saw a bumper sticker, the original one in the showcase. It just says In N' Out Burger and when I first got here you would see cars that had taken the bumper sticker and doctored it to say "In N' Out urge". The company stopped making them for fear of a sexually related backlash thingie happening. OK, put that on your website folks. But the question started; "Are they making the sticker again" (no sign of it on the website) I am supposed to write an article about the germination of the "California Hamburger" but I probably never will. So now I know there are at least three special orders you can make:


Double Meat



Grilled Cheese

Animal Style

Protein Style

Vegetarian Style

(not listed for some reason)


Protein Style

  If you know of more, please let me know.

Above is a picture of Protein style and now I am going to go to bed.


Just a small update:


Bought a new iMac 17" computer and loving it! And now I will list a few odd and ends that have been accumulating in my "add to WWW" folder for about 2 years. They are mostly disconnected, but at least after getting this stuff on I can get back to some real business.


This jpeg seems to never go out of date even though it was circulating mostly well before the current war had even started. A billion dollars a day, that is quite the round number.

Speaking of chow. I was forced to have a Carl's Jr. Six Dollar Burger and you know what. It was worthy of having it's picture taken. This thing is huge, fire grilled, tasty and huge.

What else?

Please see the links page for updates on recent interesting websites I have either stumbled onto, or been sent from fellow surfees.

Please visit Hank's Forum's to start some kind of an ongoing banter about whatever, and if I can get to it today to post a vote on which automobile Hank should buy early next year.

New slideshow .html comng to all www.hank picture related pages.

And please, oh please place an order for a www.interactivehank.com tee shirt NOW!

Oh and one last thing: There has been a bunch of back and forth aboutJack's most recent, and first hair cut. Please judge for yourself if it looks all right. I will post another poll in my forums as soon as I hear back from the tech dude and dr2.net (my hosting server)


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