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Flotsam and Jetsam 12.2006



Flotsam and Jetsam

My home page, start page, index page , whatever you want to call it. The truth be told, it has never really materialized in the manner I somehow concieved. You see, the idea was that there would be this, almost daily chronicle of stuff going on in and around my world. Things in the outside world, things on the inside world and I was hoping that my homepage would almost look something like a periodical, multiple columns, all kinds of cool stuff to look for, etc. Well, there certainly is a lot of "stuff" of which the coolness factor is certainly left to the casual viewer. I am thinking of doing something different, new, but I don't know what exactly. For now I figured the key was to get all this old stuff off and put it...where? Well, right here for now. On the Hank Flotsam nd Jetsam page as part of the HankNow Archives.


Citibank ATM's
A few years ago Citibank placed ATM's in every Blockbuster store. I thought it was a brilliant idea, but I guess the world was not ready, so after about 6 months they pulled the concept. Now they are trying again, this time they chose 7-11's. Even more brilliant in my opinion. Finally a fee free ATM everywhere I need one. Here is the Citibank 7-11 FAQ


OK, I have been buying my shoes at Zappos.com almost exclusively for more than a year. Free shipping, they come to your door, free shipping back if you don't like them...But it was not until the other day when I made good on two of there offers, a 365 day return policy (return for a full refund if unworn) and 110% price protection (if you find the shoe anywhere else for less they refund all difference in cost, sales tax included! at 110%) that I said. "that's it!", these blokes are going onto hank.com


Yeah, Flickr is pretty cool. I guess in essence it is no different than any other image hosting site, but you can do cool things like this:

This is a Flickr badge showing public photos from silsurf. Make your own badge here.

These are some of my photos, the artsy fartsy kind, that I have hosted at flickr.

Phones, Faxes and Cells
Don't know why, but over the last few weeks I have had some seriously cool phone stuff going on, here's the rub:

Fax? Don't need one. You can get a free eFax account and have a fax number assigned to you. Then your faxes just show up in your email. That's it. They have a MAC and PC compatible software widget for reading them and saving them as .pdf files.

$20 a month nationwide phone service? Yup!
I Just signed up for one of the VOIP phone service called Packet8. $20 a month for nationwide service, International rates are dirt cheap, you can port your existing number over to the service, but here is the coolest part. When you leave town, you can take the phone/modem anywhere in the world and you will still be available at your home number. Just plug the modem into any high speed internet line and you get a dial-tone. That's it!

Cell phone sim card blues.
I use ATT/Cingluar for better or worse as my cell provider. The whole thing is crazy right now, but the bottom line is that Cingular (which bought out ATT on paper) does not have a clean way to add Canada to my service agreement temporarily like ATT used to ("Canada Calling" for $35.). So now I find out all I have to due is get my phone "unlocked" which Cingular will not do for me and then I can use any SIM card I want and buy a local pay per minute card while I am in Canada (I am going to Vancouver for a few months to work). But here is the cool part. Bongo Wireless will unlock my phone for my over the internet for $40. Now that is service. AND, I can pay with Paypal to boot

American Cinematheque
After years of wondering what would ever become of the Aero Theater on Montana Ave. in Los Angeles, the American Cinematheque West has finally opened. It is amazing, it is wonderful and it is pretty much the best thing to happen to the Westside of LA since the beach was created about 4.6 billion years ago. In the first month I saw: Lawrence of Arabia, 2001:A Space Odyssey, Patton, Andrei Rublev.

Your Picture Here

Time has run out on a test program being conducted by the site. Photostamps.com.
They have a temporary agreement with the USPS to test market custom designed postage. The USPS is reviewing how things went and will decide whether to continue the program within 90 days. You can send a note to this guy if you want to add your thoughts.
Nick Barranca, VP Product Development
United States Postal Service
475 L'Enfant Plaza, SW, Room 5012
Washington, DC 20260-5012

I had some made, they are awesome. High quality images, given the size. Cost $17 bucks a sheet.


They may not be the "best sox in the world", but at this unbelievable price, I couldn't resist.
I was in the checkout line at Wild Oats market the other day and previewed some nice, soft, 100% organic socks for $8.99 a pair. I made a mental note of their website and when I got home low and behold I find out that I can I save a bundle buying socks online. Maggies Organics sells "irregular" pairs in sets of 5 pair for $15. versus $8.99 pair retail, that would be $3 dollars vs. $9??. Are they comfy, heck yeah.


I saw a cool blip in this months Dwell magazine about this company that is making high end lenticular folding maps. That sounds cool enough. The first one they are publishing is for New York City available for $17.95 from their website Urban Mapping.

Lenticular is the name for the process that yields those ridgy, kinda 3-D plastic images. Like a really cheesy TV screen toy with two images that alter when you tilt the screen back and forth?

I thought it would make a great gift for someone visiting NYC. I might have to buy one myself.

The credit card that cannot exist.

I just hate shit like this. I use my Citibank ATM/Debit card for most all my daily transactions (funny to note that recently in NYC and everyone thought I was crazy when I asked to buy stuff with a debit card), anyway, they issue the cards for 4 years and after about 6 months the mag stripe gets so worn down I have to ask for a new one. Two times ago I did this and they me a new card with the same number on it, thereby causing zero inconvenience to me who keeps my cc info online at many shopping destinations.

Six months later when the new card became useless I found out that it is IMPOSSIBLE for Citibank to issue duplicate cards. Multiple levels of CSR confirmed that this has never or will never happen.

When I walked into a Citibank branch and showed them the duplicate cards there was a lot of head scratching, they xeroxed the dupes and then I felt better.

I am not sure why they don't figure this out a little better, but for now I will just get a new card every 6 months.

How can you not buy shit on the internet?

Patti had a great idea on how to get Jack to eat some vegetables. Make the juice extraction an activity, then when he drinks it--poof, secretly he is getting his veggies. So I look online and find the one I like, the Waring JEX 328, highly recommended at eOpinions and at reasonable price. ($99 MSRP). The street price is $79. And the best deal I can find through one of my favorite comparison shopping sites (Yahoo Compare) with shipping is $84. OK, not bad. I didn't have time to make the purchase so it was a week later and I decided to look one more time. This time trying a different price comparison engine (PriceGrabber) I get a hit for $39!. I am sure it is a mis quote, but follow the URL anyway to SmartBargains and bought it for $46.94 shipped. Now, I have seen the thing at Jamba juice for $99. Go figure, that is less than half price and I don't even half to carry it home.


I recieved a letter from the payroll company that serves much of the film industry for an unclaimed paycheck from the year 2000! Good news for me, I guess, but it sure made me think about all the pay checks that don't get claimed. The letter states that if they do not hear from me the dough gets sent to the California state Controller (so that's what he does?) where it will remain indefinitely, unless claimed. The website has claimed over $200 million in 2003. The only person I checked other than myself had $57.79 waiting for them. How can that not be worth a mouse click?

$40 Printer, Almost New!

I need a second printer and thought I would pass along that after monitoring eBay and looking through the grey market discount electronics places from Yahoo Shopping, I am very happy to say that the best deal is from Epson direct. They have refurbed units in all price ranges, many come with free shipping. total cost to me $42 delivered

Many of you have no idea that I have a list of some the the "best items hank has ever discovered" right here on the website. Well, the astonishing news is that one of those items is on SALE and after receiving my ten pairs of J. Crew boxer briefs, I am one happy customer. They ain't gonna last long.

Your Ears!
(updated 6.4.04)

I recently started a funny and informative thread about earwax and ipod earbuds at ipodlounge.com

Did yuou know that 30 million workers are subject to hazardous noises in the workplace and that OSHA's acceptable sustained noise level is 85 db's, which is the equivalent to one kitchen blender crushing ice 3 feet away. And finally that there is a free hearing test over the internet right here, right now.

Almost Free Wireless Router

Did you know you can get one of the highest rated wireless routers for $25 from Amazon. Jeez, I mean at that price even if you do not have an internet connection it is too good to pass up on.

Netgear MR814 802.11b Wireless 4-Port Cable/DSL Router

List Price:
Amazon Price:
You Save:
$55.05 (55%)
Mail-In Rebates:
Price After Rebates:

Elvis Costello
Saw Elvis Costello last night at Royce Hall. what a great show. Talk about a performer who is at the top of his game. He played with Steve Nieve accompanying on Grand Piano. It was beautiful. Sang many songs accapella, wonderful renditions from just about every album. But that is not what I am posting.

At the tail end of the third number (a beautiful piece from North that I am unfamiliar with) a guy yells out "Radio, Radio" over EC's last sustaining note. You could hear a pin drop in that joint.
Elvis, finished the song, gets drink of water and returns to the mike with: "Only an asshole like that could live in LA", to uproarious applause. The guy then goes: "You know what I'm talking about Declan!", and with finality Elvis drops his head and points to the back of the hall. extolling: "
And you know where the exit is!" It was perfect. The guy left in a huff and if I hadn't been there I would have thought it was rehearsed.
For his seventh encore, Elvis came out and did Radio, Radio.

It was one of the best concerts I have ever seen



Rachel Cline's New Book info area
What To Keep is in paperback. If you waited this long to read a great novel, you saved yourself a few bucks. Now get out there and READ!

Previous Entries
It is the number one book on Amazon's "Breakout Books of 2004" , It showed up on a friend of mine Amazon splash page yesterday, and Rachel said that all of the sudden the rankings went into the below 200 strata which gets updated hourly. Obviously something is going on with this book and if I were you I would get a copy and read it ASAP!


Yet another postive review arrives. The April issue f Elle Magazine has a piece in the "must read" section. Read the entire review here.

I am going to have a photo in People Magazine! Rachel's jacket photo was taken by me and I got this email from her today

"People Mag asked for a picture of me and I gave them some of the outtakes from your session--so it looks like we're both going to have our names in dental waiting rooms and supermarket checkout stands sometime soon"

Rachel's website is now OPEN.

Just wanted let everybody know that Rachel Cline's first novel is going onsale April 27th, 2004. It is entitled "What to Keep" and you can track the bullet sales at Amazon here. She is going to be getting her own web site, I will let you know when it is up. And the coolest thing in the world. She is going to do a reading at Dutton's in Brentwood. For those of you that know what Dutton's is, I need say no more. For those of you that do not, think: "best independent bookstore left in Los Angeles" The reading is on May 10th at 7pm. Please call oe email Duttons and let them know you will be coming, or at least pre-order the book from them to show that Rachel Cline does indeed have quite the following out here.

Dutton's Brentwood Bookstore
(310) 476-6263
FAX (310) 471-0399
email duttons@earthlink.net
9am-9pm weekly
9am-6pm Saturday
1 1-5 Sunday


You can also read advance praise for this book at Random House. And you can read further from a recent release from Publishers Weekly, a trade mag (no, not Publisher's Clearing House)

Release date has been set for April 27th, 2004.

Publishers Weekly

Rachel Cline.Random, $23.95
(288p) ISBN 1-4000-6183-0
A wry, ironic voice narrates this sharply observed and paradoxically tender first novel, which reveals Denny Roman at three pivotal moments in her life. In Columbus, Ohio, in 1976, 12-year-old Denny essentially mothers herself, since her divorced mother, Lily, is more preoccupied with her neurological research than with the details of maternal care. Cool, remote Charles, Denny’s father, is also a doctor; he adores Denny but can’t show it. Denny’s emotional support, then, comes from Maureen, an agoraphobe who runs a physician’s answering service that has morphed into a life support for the Romans. An efficient surrogate mother, Maureen books taxis, makes hair appointments and fields calls from Denny’s school, but her agoraphobia is a symptom of her own loneliness.



Exactly two months since my last update. Not as bad as I had thought. But this is just a small note regarding the amazing improvements you are going to be seeing here at interactivehank starting right now!. First off please check out my new flash based photo slide show thingy. I have been looking for something to handle putting up images to my server that was nice looking, easy to use and free. So I found it. It is called JetPhoto if you are interested in checking out the freeware yourself. (just remember, when you click on the banner below you will be taken to a slightly different environment, don't be scared, just reload interactivehank to get back here)

What's next. Oh, a big thanks to Greg Luntzel, man of the hour for pointing out a broken link to my acupuncture page. It proves that someone is paying attention. Thanks G!

  • What else?
    Oh, here are some things that will be coming soon to hank.
  • Major coffee companies that roast there beans TWO years before it goes in your mouth: TRUE!

  • My experience getting hit by a drunk driver and surviving, but my Passat did not.

  • Why Thomas The Tank Engine is much better than just about anything a four year old wants to watch.

    Jack's pizza story that will blow your mind

  • And, much much more...


Last week I was emailed by a complete stranger as to whether I had more information about Pepy's Galley for a book the person is compiling on the best restaurants attached to bowling alleys in America.

This may be the third of forth time in three times that number in dog years that a complete stranger has contacted me regarding something they must have googled there way into on interactivehank.
I was thrilled and needless to say I made a visit to Pepy's to grab a menu and sent it off with photos and my personal notes to the author. Of course I asked that she send me a copy of the book when it is complete. How cool is that!

New Movie Pages:
Crazy Drugs
Hank Gets Reemed
The Rock Man
Shatner Does Beatles

Shatner Does Bowie
Shatner Does Fincher


Come on! How can you not want to order a hank.com tee shirt after seeing this? World famous dolly grip Gil Forrester (only person I know with his picture on IMDB) proudly dons his recent acquisition here in Boulder, Co. Gil notes that he has already received multiple queries as to wear the fine garment came from. Don't delay, order yours today!

After allowing for the usual time continuum of synergistic events to take place, there are now three William Shatner videos worth viewing plus the synergistic part, The Rock Man, a priceless clip I made from one of my favorite and now Jack's favorite dvd's, Harry Nillson's The Point. Now that is a definitive hank.com sentence. It is meant to make you ooze with curiosity so that your poking around doesn't stop on this page.
All of the above offerings are on my HankNow page. then of course

If you have not been to Hank.com recently you may not know that I fanilly reveal why Starbucks really sucks.

I am doing some updates, cool info is returning right here. I started with a great piece, Jacks amazing brain does it again.

Next new news is that the HMP for Acupuncture has been super-seeded by the fastest animal on the planet earth. Check it out!

HankNow pages has oodles of goodies, podcasting, foam peanuts and MORE!


The TOBOR tee shirts are finally done and they look better than I ever imagine. I used a different shirt printer (CircleRPrinting) than the ones who did my interactivehank tee shirts (National Sportswear) and I am really happy with them. I wanted them to have that heavy almost rubbery silk screen feel, and they do. Of course I found out along the way that plastisol inks are the key to that rubbery feel. the colors are awesome, the print size is huge and at $15 a pop they are a real bargain. But wait, there's more. Act now and get this website only deal. One TOBOR and One Hank.com for $20 post paid!, Just email me with your order or pop over to the Hankshop and pick up some cool stickers while you are at it.

For the tee shirt deal just enter the code:
Gimme the amazing $20 TOBOR and Interactivehank tee shirt deal.

Previous TOBOR Tee shirt information.

Yow! it has really been a long time, I guess I have been busy. A few small notes: The TOBOR tee shirt is going to PRINT! I got sick of waiting for pre-orders (I have 3). It is just too cool of a shirt to sit unmade, so I lowered to number of pieces I am getting to 40. You understand? There are only going to be 40 8thman tee shirts in the known world. Go ahead and google it, there are NONE out there! So if you want one please order via this link or you can go to the fan site 8thman.com sales dept and order it there. Same price, $15 clams shipped.



Hank finally hits the big time!

First ever joint commercial endeavor. Now you can order a very cool, very new TOBOR The 8th Man tee shirt made in cooperation with 8thman.com and designed by yours truly. order yours right here today! (above shirt ordered from 8thman.com)


That makes a total of three!! (ok, sold another one yesterday, that makes four people)

Can't wait, add a tee shirt to your cart now!

Sales are so swift recently of the Interactivehank tees shirt I decided to put them up from grabs on eBay. You might be able to save yourself .50 if you buy one there. For those of you that have been on the fence (Kyle!)

Hank Shirt Auction.

(it ends March 5th at 1:36 pm PST)

I sold one on eBay, that makes a running total of five, count them five!

Unsolicited Praise.

I don't do this often, becasue I don't have the chance. here is a quote from someone I barely even know that I got yesterday.

"i love your website, especially Jack's pages. What a beauty."


For those of you that do not want to use my cool NAV bar along the top, Below are some of the choicest links to the most recent updates here at Hank.com.

After putting these links below I was still reading disparaging remark about the navigation abilities on this site.

Well, I am trying again with even more options for you, the user (and buyer of tee-shirts.) There are now buttons along the left to some of the more active areas on interactivehank, and a new layout to the pages. All in all it means that I am spending way too much time trying to figure out how to use html, and pass along what pitiful knowledge I acquire to you.

Please feel free to let me know how you feel about the newness of it all.


New at Hank's Movies

Once in awhile I see something that I just have to keep. This commercial for Levi's from 1970 is just one of those items. From the first frame and the first syllable of that VO I was tranformulated back to my junior high school.

Be very afraid.

OK, a deal no one can really say no to.

New kick. I am ripping some vynil to my hard drive in order to make a cd. It all started with a musical spice I wanted to hear again. First it was a search and a flurry of email to a sound mixer that I worked with 20 years ago that gave me a copy of a tape of a David Byrne piece that wasn't "The Catherine Wheel" or "My life In The Bush With Ghosts", but was some sort of theatrical piece.

After I reached the mixer, we kinda figured it out. At least enough that I could find the info online. And that was just the beginning.


It turns out the music in question is truly out of print. Only ever issued on Vinyl and something called Audio Cassette. The piece is called "The Knee Plays" and is a collaboration between David Byrne and Robert Wilson. An excerpt of the "libretto" is as follows:

In the future everyone will have the same haircut and the same clothes
In the future everyone will be very fat from the starchy diet
In the future everyone will be very thin from not having enough to eat
In the future it will be next to impossible to tell girls from boys, even in bed
In the future men will be 'super-masculine' and women will be 'ultra-feminine'
In the future atomic fusion will enable us to build a skyscraper with
the energy obtained from a grain of salt


Then I take the opportunity to find a really cool vinyl/LP store online called "Records by Mail"

Now I have the LP (for $10 in mint condition mind you) And then I just borrow a turntable from a pal (thanks Matty) plug it into my trusty G3 pismo (the last Powerbook Apple made with sound inputs), boot up a copy of Roxio Software CD Doctor and let 'er rip.


So Now comes the fun part:

For a limited time only I am making this offer to friends of Hank.com.

I will rip, burn, compile and do artwork for one (1) LP of your choice in exchange for buying one (1) tee shirt from Hank.com

Outrageous right!, here is all you have to do.

Buy the tee-shirt and contact me in regards to this special offer. I will send you a coupon for the one (1) LP -> CD conversion.

You snail mail me your LP. And some time in the next few months I will mail you back the LP, a CD and of course the tee-shirt you already purchased.

Sorry, I reserve the right to extinguish this offer at any time.

Can't wait, add a tee shirt to your cart now!
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