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OK, lets get going here.

After much thought I realized that I do not yet have the technical ability to put together the Dada that I want.

Dada originated as an alternative to zagat, the name I will discuss later. What I wanted was a small, fun, easy to navigate guide to the places YOU! (read me) want to eat. Instead of a somewhat useful "phonebook" of area restaurants filled with a bunch of completely uninteresting quotes. Nuf said.

I made two versions of Dada, both on paper, one pre-computer and #2 came while I was running my Mac SE30 with 2 megs of ram and a 20MB HD.

They were big hits and are now considered something of a collector items. If you spend enough time on eBay you might see one some day.

Anyway, what I want to do now is create a searchable database archive that is web based, and you can bet your last peso I will get there one day but for now this is my plan:

For now I am going to do some basic thought provoking vestments on the culinary trade.

You can use the links below or the menus above to see what gives on Dada.

Pizza Simpang Lentils
Turkey Chops Korean Coffee
Boba Congee History of Dada
Thai Elvis Vac Pots  




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